The Two State Coalition strengthened and expanded it’s work by enlarging their membership as well as overcoming the challenges imposed by the political, diplomatic and health context by focusing on on reaching new groups and more people…read more TSC_Newsletter2021


The “TSC” members believe in the need for ending the occupation, settling the conflict and establishing a Palestinian contiguous state with 1967 as its borderline. Our political platform is clearly expressed in a joint declaration issued by the TSC members indicating that the only viable solution is the two-state solution based  on..   TSC_Newsletter2020


The Palestinian Peace Coalition & H.L. Education for Peace, jointly known as the Geneva Initiative have launched the “Two State Solution Coalition”; an umbrella of more than 20 Palestinian and Israeli civil society organizations advocating a peaceful settlement for the conflict based on the two-state solution vision. This newsletter sheds more light on the identity as well as the activities of the Coalition.NewsletterTwostateSolutionCoalition2019